martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

Nos visita y enseña Alan Kennedy

El martes 19 de enero, tuvimos el placer de disfrutar de más historias contadas en inglés gracias a Alan Kennedy y su compañía StoryTime. Los alumnos de 1º, 2º y 3º de ESO participaron en esta actividad, unos como actores y otros como público. Aquí os dejamos un vídeo de la actuación y algunos de sus comentarios. Se ha realizado una selección, a modo de resumen, del sentir general del alumnado participante. Para leerlos, pincha en 'más información'. ¡Muchas gracias a todos por vuestra colaboración!

2º ESO: Francisco García Cobo (2ºA)

Last Tuesday we had a storyteller. In the story there were:
3 boys (brothers)
3 girls (friends)
A doctor

I was the middle brother. I am going to tell you the story:

Firstly, the three brothers said “we want to go to war”. Later, we had a party with the girls. After that, we went to war, but Roberto and I died in war. Jorge survived, but he couldn’t see. Then a doctor visited their town and he put a green eye to Jorge. The green eye made Jorge jealous so his girlfriend bought pink glasses and he saw the world in rose-tinted glasses.

1º ESO

On the nineteenth of January, Alan Kennedy told us a story called “Seeing Green”. We really enjoyed it because it was so funny how students became the characters in the story as Alan played some instruments, but what we liked best was the meaning of each colour: green (jealousy), blue (sadness), red (anger) and pink (love).  By Sofía Ortiz Rodríguez (1ºB), Lucía Cagigal de la Torre (1ºB) and Raquel Ruiz Calle (1ºA).

The story is really good, but also very tragic. My favourite part is when the main character is given the pink glasses. By Santos Carral Fernández (1ºB).

What I liked best was when one of the actors came out with a mask. It was a very cool moment!! By Lucía Gutiérrez Gutiérrez (1ºB)

We liked the story because it’s original and it’s a great idea to practise English. Thank you Alan!! By Celia Sánchez Abín (1ºA) and Natalia Hoyo Fernández (1ºB)

We liked “Seeing Green” because the actors were students and Alan Kennedy told the story very well. It was great fun!! By Alba Gómez Isa (1ºB) and Rosa Zorrilla Ortiz (1ºC)

It was really exciting because I participated in the story. I think this is a brilliant idea to learn English. The storyteller is amazing!! By José Manuel Torre Muñoz (1ºA).

 3º ESO A: Carlos González Martín y Diego Martínez Sierra

We think that the story wasn’t a "perfect" story but the storyteller made the story fun. The thing that made this story so cool was that the story was interactive. The actors were our classmates and watching our friends doing strange things, with strange clothes was very funny! The music was super-exciting!!! It helps you to be attracted to the story

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